Who We Are

The Mission and History of La Clinica Guadalupana

On December 12, 1995, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe opened in downtown Clearwater. With a donated 600 square foot office space, an all-volunteer medical staff, and contributed medications and medical supplies, the Clinica has nonetheless identified and met many of the healthcare needs of the local, indigent Latinos community.

Those who come to us for help have no health insurance provided at their place of employment, nor do they receive governmental assistance. We serve the working poor who are seeking not a handout, but a helping hand to alleviate their suffering.  

Our Approach

We have provided free services

Since 1995 we have provided services in over 30,000 patient care visits and tens of thousands more in medication refill visits.

We have provided free medications approximately 100, 000 times!. All lab work and diagnostic testing has been donated by Morton Plan Mease Health Care System, and the Diocese of St. Petersburg gives us funding for a part-time medical assistant.

La Clinica finds found or discounted specialist care for those patients whose needs call for more complex care, such as radiology or surgery. We frequently assist with transportation and translating services for these patients and help them to arrange for payment plans when necessary. 

— Our Mission

Our mission is to offer assistance to those in need as our Catholic Faith teaches, with a preferential love the poor.

— Our Vision

We strive to offer who those most needs and help to prevent and alleviate their suffering into the medical field.  

— Our services and values

One of our most unique policies stems from our dedication to the teaching of the Church regarding the value of the human person. We offering marital counseling in Natural Family Planning, and are hopping to institute a bilingual program in NFP for anyone interested.